ACE enter into the rally experience - June 2015

Advanced Chemical Etching (ACE) has recently sponsored a rally car and the ACE logo was prominent on the car at the rally, which took place at Weston Park in Staffordshire.

The car is a 1974 Mk1 RS2000, built to historic specification to allow it to run on international rallies for cars built to the allowed spec of the era. Containing a 2.0Ltr Pinto engine producing 180 brake horse power. Owned and driven by Eifion Thomas and navigated by Derrick Walters. Eifion has been driving for 10 years and Derrick has been navigating for about 30 years, so they have a vast amount of experience between them.

The car itself finished 32nd out of 75 and 4th in its class at the rally.

Derrick mentioned "Because we are a small outfit all the funding for our events comes from our pockets. Entry fees, fuel for the car and transporter, tyres, service crew and hotels. An average event will cost about £1,000. There is no prize money at the end of the event or a season, so we do it all for our love of motorsport. Finding sponsors is getting harder and harder, even though most of the events we do now are covered on most media systems and TV on several channels. We were very grateful for your assistance and hopefully we can do the same next year".

Ford Escort rally carFord Escort rally car

Photos courtesy of Derrick Walters