ACE Investing in the Future - June 2014

Advanced Chemical Etching (ACE) are investing in the future, we are currently nearing the end of phase 2 of our expansion program, which has included substantial resource dedicated to recruitment and training resulting in a 30% increase in our workforce.

Our ground breaking, innovative new processes have enabled ACE to broaden our portfolio and thus led to increased demand from both new and existing customers, which in turn has meant the expansion plan has been instigated to satisfy customer demand and requirements.

Since 2010 over £1.5million has been invested in securing two additional adjacent units and equipping them with new state-of-the-art machinery and supporting capital equipment which will substantially increase capacity and throughput.

Investment has not only been made in production processes and equipment, but also in a dedicated R&D facility which will allow us to constantly push the boundaries in response to our customer needs.

Additional recruitment will take place to increase our workforce further over the coming months. We see this growth as an exciting phase in the fifteen year history of ACE.

By the last quarter of 2014 the new facilities will be fully commissioned and operational.

When complete we will have a facility to be very proud of and one that we look forward to showcasing to our existing and potential clients.

Please contact us on 01952 416666 to arrange a site visit to discover more about our new facilities and process capabilities...