Innovation is the Route to Growth - February 2014

Advanced Chemical Etching (ACE) is proving that Innovation is the Route to Growth. For many years now ACE has constantly challenged the normal Chemical Etching process route and has been instrumental in developing innovative, safe etching chemistries for etching Aluminium (ACmE) and Titanium (TiME). These previously difficult to etch metals are now etched in production batches at their facility in Telford on a daily basis. These innovations have led to increased business and have enabled company growth, with a current expansion program taking place.

ACE are now being asked to be guest speakers at events about their innovation techniques. Two recent events attended were the D2N2 Innovation Summit "Time to Innovate" in Derby and the other North West Aerospace Alliance "NATEP" event in Haydock.

ACE is very proud of creating a culture of innovation and making it repeatable and sustainable. We are always looking for the next exciting challenge.