ACE Metal Etching

Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd (ACE) has been involved in metal etching for over seventeen years employing the skills of engineering graduates. Manufacturing metal etched components for many different industry sectors including aerospace, civil engineering, automotive, decorative, electronics and telecommunications, engineering, medical and renewable energy sectors such as wind power and hydroelectric power.

The metal etching and chemical etching process is normally performed using eight steps:

  • Photo tooling preparation
  • Metal cutting
  • Cleaning
  • Laminating
  • Printing
  • Developing
  • Etching
  • Stripping

More in depth engineering detail about etched components and the metal etching process can be found here

Here at ACE we produce numerous metal components for mechanical engineering that stick to strict technical guidelines. With differing metal etched diverse products in some 1,830 different metal types, grades and thicknesses. From 0.010mm – 1.5mm thick, including stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and brass.

We are also the specialists in metal etching for the etching of exotic materials. We have developed our own unique groundbreaking, engineering design processes for aluminium etching, titanium, molybdenum, nitinol and elgiloy.

Benefits of the Metal Etching Process:

  • Low cost, highly precise, digital tooling
  • Soft tooling
  • No hard tooling
  • Design changes at minimal cost
  • Short lead times
  • Burr-free metal plates
  • Stress-free engineering
  • Exceptionally accurate mechanical engineering and tighter tolerances
  • Excellent for prototypes in engineering and renewables sector
  • Material properties remain unchanged temper of material is not altered
  • No metal stress or part deformation
  • Flexibility in engineering design
  • No work hardening
  • Fine, engineering detail can be achieved
  • Complexity of design and engineering challenges not an issue and we can match all technical guidelines
  • Variety of different materials and thicknesses can be etched
  • Identification numbers and logos can be etched onto metal parts, no need for post laser marking (Please note we are not able to etch onto pre-manufactured products or shaped items. All of the components we manufacture start out by using sheets of raw material)
  • Ultimate net shape machining reducing the need for traditional finishing

Have a metal etching requirement?

Please contact our sales engineers today on 01952 416666 about your new etched components. You can send your enquiry and metal etching drawing / cad data to us electronically through our Contact Us page on our Contact Us page on our website.

Metal Etching