Advanced Chemical Etching

Making the difference - a process of innovation

UK based Advanced Chemical Etching is a metal component manufacturer utilising the etching process that enables today's product development engineers greater flexibility in design, with short lead times - often taking just a few days.

Our main areas of expertise are

  • Photo Etching

    Photo Etching, also known as Chemical Etching uses a combination of photographic digital tooling and chemical etching processes, this process will image and etch the metal parts to shape. The nature of Photo Etching allows for low cost, high precision, short lead times, and zero metal stress

  • Aluminium etching

    ACE's pioneered process of Aluminium Compliant molecular Etching (ACmE) has eliminated the traditional problems with etching on aluminium, such as galling and pick-up. Our process is now faster, more efficient and produces tighter tolerances than traditional Aluminium etching.

  • Titanium etching

    Advanced Chemical Etching has developed a new, unique safer chemistry that takes Titanium Etching to new levels of quality and precision. We are one of the few etching companies in the world that can offer titanium etching on a production scale.

  • Nitinol etching

    Nitinol is an alloy of nickel and titanium (NiTi) in which the two metals are present in roughly equal atomic percentages. This alloy is characterized by a unique combination of super-elasticity, shape memory, and corrosion resistance.

  • Precision etching

    We Specialise in Precision Etching, we continually deliver highly precise photo chemical etching and can produce complex metal components matching your exact requirements.

  • Technical etching

    Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd has many years of technical etching expertise and vast experience of producing technically challenging etched components for many different industry sectors; in fact we built our reputation on it!

We manufacture a wide variety of bespoke components such as fuel cells, heat exchangers, leadframes, screening cans and shims & gaskets.