Connectors & Contacts

Widely used within the electronics industry.
Where a physical connection is required in an electrical circuit, a connector is required. These come in thousands of different shapes and sizes and most can be manufactured using ACE’s photo etching process, plating and forming manufacturing technologies.

Key Facts About Connectors & Contacts

Meet Any Requirement

From micro pin connectors and arrays to spring contacts and RFI connector shields, ACE has the capability to meet your requirements.

Rapid Prototyping

From rapid prototypes to high volumes, the flat blanks are firstly etched then, using our in-house forming capability, the parts are formed using modular press tooling to the required 3D shape.

Wear Resistance

Because connectors and contacts are need to function across a range of environmental conditions, they need to have improved wear resistance and improved conductivity.

Variety of Surface Coatings

Surface coatings can be produced from gold, tin, silver, tin/lead and sulphur/nickel coatings, applied all over or selectively plated on some contacts. This enables customers to obtain the net-shaped/finished component from a single source.

Benefits of the etching Process

  • Low set-up costs and fast lead times make etching a go-to process in batch sizes of one to multiple millions.

  • The tooling for etching is digital, low-cost and can be modified quickly.

  • No heat or force is used when etching so mechanical properties remain unaltered and parts are free from stresses and burrs.

  • As component features are etched at the same time, part/feature complexity is not an issue.

  • Flat blanks etched then diffusion bonded or brazed.

Typical Connectors & Contacts Components

Battery contacts
Electrical connectors
PCB components

Metal Grades For Connectors & Contacts

  • Beryllium Copper

  • Brass

  • Phosphor Bronze

  • Silver

  • Steel

  • Nickel Silver





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