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What is Aluminium Etching?
Through intensive R&D work, Advanced Chemical Etching has developed a unique etching process for etching aluminium.
The process is now used in full production to etch thousands of aluminium parts daily and, through continuous improvement work over the years, the yield of the process has now reached a consistently high level.

Highly Quality Standards

The new process is more controllable and more repeatable, producing parts that meet higher quality standards. It has become the standard etching process for all aluminium alloys at ACE.

An Optimised Solution

ACE first developed the new process in its R&D laboratory in 2012. This was then followed by extensive pilot-scale trials aimed at optimising the parameters of the new chemical etching solution.

Benefits Of The Aluminium Process

While the conventional, industry-standard process of etching aluminium suffers from several serious drawbacks that make the process inconsistent and unreliable for large volume production, ACE’s unique process overcomes this problem.
Some of the benefits include:

  • Smooth edge profile and smooth surface etch profile
  • No surface burrs
  • Tight tolerances possible ±10% of material thickness
  • Complex geometries at no extra cost
  • 1:1 aperture aspect ratio possible
  • Thicknesses from 0.07mm to 2.5mm
  • Part size up to 1500mm x 600mm
  • Fast turnaround
  • Serial production capacity
  • No heat-affected zones

Metal Grades For Aluminium Etching

  • Aluminium 1000 series
  • Aluminium 3000 series
  • Aluminium 4000 series
  • Aluminium 5000 series
  • Aluminium 6000 series
  • Aluminium bronze series

Types of etched components supplied

Air intake grilles
Heat exchanger plates
Automotive interior trim
Electric Vehicle components


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