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21st century manufacturing excellence...

Located in the centre of the UK’s manufacturing heartland, Advanced Chemical Etching (ACE) is constantly stretching the boundaries of innovation in delivering solutions to some of the world’s biggest names. Out of all of the chemical etching companies in the UK only Advanced Chemical Etching has the facility to produce quality etched metal parts at production volume.
  • Micro Etched Fluid Flow Channels

    Advanced Chemical Etching specialises in the manufacturing of precision photo etched metal components for customers in more than 15 sectors.

  • Space & Weight Benefits

    Our unrivalled ability to offer prototype components to pre-production and small volume fulfilment has also seen us increase our market share in aerospace, F1, fuel cells and medical – all industries that demand safety-critical components and parts made in a full range of materials and tolerances.

Making the difference

Advanced Chemical Etching produces specialised etched metal components to give today’s product development engineers greater flexibility in design and shorter leader times.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Low Cost Digital Tooling

    The photo tool is more efficient and far less expensive than typical hard tooling.

  • No Hard Tooling

    No major investment, no tooling delivery delay and no tool maintenance and repair costs required.

  • No Metal Stress or Part Deformation

    Etched metal parts remain flat as the metal removal is achieved chemically, not mechanically.

  • Burr Free

    Secondary deburring operations are eliminated.

  • Material Properties

    The temper of metal is not changed, thus the magnetic property is not affected. ACE has developed more techniques than any other chemical etching company to produce etched metal parts in a range of innovative materials.

  • Prototypes

    Excellent precision, repeatability, accuracy and a quick turnaround. Engineering changes and modifications can be made quickly, easily and cost effectively.





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