Industries & Sectors

Discover the industries & sectors we work alongside
  • Aerospace, Defense & Space

    Quality, speed, precision and innovation are four of the key drivers that make ACE such an instrumental partner to the Aerospace and Defence sector.
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  • F1 & Automotive

    The car industry and ACE date back to 2000 when the company was first formed, supplying components to tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers across the UK and Europe.
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  • Communications & Electronics

    From micro connectors for a mobile phone to a large screening can for a base station, ACE plays a significant role in connecting the world.
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  • Precision Engineering

    We are agile and responsive to fluctuating demand and innovative in our ability to deliver engineering solutions to complex problems.
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  • Medical

    ACE has invested time and money into etching titanium and is now able to deep etch and profile material for intricate medical devices.
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  • Renewable Energy

    ACE is a critical supplier to this sector, with our ability to produce specialist prototypes and low volume components has lead us to having a global clientele.
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