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R&D Technical Etching


Scientific Research-Based Approach
While etching is conventionally viewed as a ‘black art’ where methods evolve through experience and trial and error, Advanced Chemical Etching (ACE) has adopted a much more systematic approach based on scientific research.
Several of the steps involved in the etching process are chemical in nature, so a fundamental understanding of the chemical phenomena that occur in these processes is important. This is why ACE has invested heavily in R&D over the past ten years and our new aluminium etching process is a testament to the power of this approach.

Advanced Etching Reaction Control

The etching reaction is an electrochemical reaction where individual metal atoms are oxidized by the etching reagent. By understanding the kinetics of the reaction, ACE can monitor and control the etching reaction to achieve the required results.

Individual Adaptation to Requirements

At ACE we recognise that each project is unique and that customers’ requirements vary widely. Our team studies each project individually and our dedicated R&D department is there to investigate how to adapt our process to new and challenging requirements.

New metal etching discovery process in 4 steps


New Enquiry

Receiving an enquiry to etch a new alloy that we haven’t etched before.

Experimental Programme

R&D team carries out an experimental programme to find a suitable etchant.

Searching for Photoresist Solution

Once an etchant has been found, work then begins to find the best photoresist solution for this metal.

Scaling the Process

The process is scaled up from lab scale to pilot scale and finally to production scale.


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