Corporate & Social Responsibility

As an industry leader, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously.
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Corporate and Social Responsibility

ACE is a world class supplier of etched components and we are committed to conducting business in a fair and ethical manner. This applies to our customers, suppliers and employees.
Our reputation is very important to us and, to help protect this, we will not knowingly do business with any organisation that doesn’t share our commitment to dealing with stakeholders fairly and ethically.
  • Respect the law

  • No bribery or unethical practices

  • No conflicts of interest

  • Business confidentiality

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is a major priority for ACE and the company is committed to creating an environment that is safe, minimises risks and complies with all legislation.

Our Health & Safety Principles

In short, ACE has adopted five key principles that focus on:

  • Sufficient policy

  • Good organisation

  • Efficient planning and implementation

  • Constant measurement

  • Reviewing performance

The Workforce

The value-added nature of ACE’s business means that its staff are its most valuable asset and this is reflected in a positive culture that empowers the workforce to positively contribute to the success of the business.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer.

  • We encourage a good work-life balance.

  • All employees are kept regularly informed of progress against the company’s strategic plan through regular briefings and have access to continued professional development opportunities.

  • These include accredited on-the-job training, Apprenticeships, specialist lean development and knowledge transfer partnerships with local Universities.

The Environment

We believe in the principle of caring for the environment and continually strive to incorporate environmental good practice within our workplace.

We are focused on improving our energy efficiency and managing our waste responsibly.
  • Use the latest energy-efficient equipment to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Recycle our wastewater to reduce consumption.





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