Our Commitment to the Environment

The environment and sustainability is incredibly important to us at ACE.
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At ACE, we place sustainability at the centre of our business philosophy and operate a culture that encourages every member of staff to adopt safe working practices and embrace ‘green’ improvements to protect the environment.

Environment and Sustainability

  • Our commitment to BS EN ISO 14001 provides a recognised framework for the business and contributes to our ongoing targets of reducing carbon emissions, waste minimisation, improving material recycling and saving energy.

  • We are also keen to promote an eco-friendly way of working and actively invite our employees to put forward ideas that will improve our environmental performance.

We are committed to:

  • Maintaining an Environmental Management System as a method of environmental improvement

  • Reducing waste and consumption of natural resources

  • Ensuring all employees and contractors receive the relevant training in environmental practices

  • Assessing the environmental effects of all new and existing products, processes and equipment

  • Developing a system that continually monitors and improves environmental objectives

  • Communicating the company’s environmental objectives and targets to all employees

  • Working with our supply chain to encourage low carbon performance

  • Preventing risk of pollution

Compliance with European Directives

ACE also currently complies with a range of European directives that have been introduced to protect the environment.





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