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ACE in The Financial Times – UK Business Confidence Rising

Published on 15/01/2020

Advanced Chemical Etching (ACE) has recently been featured in an article in The Financial Times focusing on rising confidence within the UK business sector.

The news comes as UK businesses react to an unsettled period within UK politics, including the general election in late 2019 and the ongoing discourse around Britain’s departure from the European Union.

ACE’s own Ian Whateley and Chris Ball were asked whether the changing political situation has affected their outlook;

“Our order book has filled up for January since the election,” said Ian Whateley, managing director of Advanced Chemical Etching (ACE), a manufacturing company based in Telford.

“Future investments had been on hold as we didn’t know who would be in charge for the next four or five years,” added Chris Ball, founder of ACE, who said that he would now sign off an investment in a new plant at a cost of £250,000.”

ACE remains a key player in the global chemical etching market, thanks in part to continued investment and a strong focus on developing ever more efficient precision metal etching technologies.

Read the full Financial Times article here.


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