Medical Devices & Instruments

Highly complex medical grade components, etched to precision requirements.
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Advanced Chemical Etching (ACE) specialises in photo etching medical alloys, such as Stainless Steel (including 300 series and 400 series), Titanium alloys, Nitinol, Elgiloy and Cobalt-Chromium based alloys. The photo etching process delivers a very complex profile and parts will be burr-free, unlike conventional profiling processes.

Dental implants

  • Biocompatible dental implants can have extremely complicated features and burr-free edges which traditional machining technologies find difficult to achieve.
  • Photo etched titanium & nitinol implants benefit from no thermal distortion and are burr-free. Complex, accurate features and countersinks can be included at no additional cost, removing the need for additional machining.

Ophthalmic eye surgery blades

The ACE process supplies thousands of eye ophthalmic surgery blades every month, using medical grade Stainless Steel.

Hearing aids

Extremely complex, stress-free titanium membranes and micro contact springs used in hearing aid microphones and PCBs can be etched burr-free to very tight profile tolerances.

Cardiac rhythm management

  • ACE manufactures extremely intricate titanium anode and cathode battery grids used in batteries contained within implantable defibrillators.
  • We also manufacture micro-sized screening cans used in pacemakers, which feature an electrical insulator selectively applied to reduce arcing.

Medical electronics

A wide range of 2D and 3D electronics components (including lead frames, EMI/RFI shielding, connectors, contacts, biosensor springs and meshes) can be photo etched burr and stress-free, with clean profiles and no heat-affect. This makes them ideally suited to the requirements of the medical sector.

Cranial Mesh implants

Using digital tooling, we prototype mesh designs quickly, adapt them at little cost and have them production-ready in a matter of hours.
  • ACE photo etch craniomaxillofacial implants in all grades of titanium (alpha & beta).
  • The photo etching process does not cause any work hardening, stress, distortion and is burr free.
  • Highly complex meshes can be produced in thickness from 0.025mm to 1.00mm.
  • Etched stepped countersinks can be produced in one operation and can be included at no extra cost.





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