Innovation in Development

Where most companies stop, we start.

Since our formation in 2000, ACE has been continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation through its commitment to research and development (R&D) and precision etching.

This has already led to new processes for etching problem materials, such as Titanium, Molybdenum and Aluminium and we now have a full time PhD Chemist operating in a dedicated laboratory to assist in delivering future solutions to our clients. But it’s not just the breakthrough technologies that we are renowned for. Our innovative technical etching capabilities make us stand out from our competition.

Advanced Chemical Etching has also developed a reputation for simple yet effective problem solving and we often take on complete complex precision technical etching projects that have left many of our rivals searching for answers. As an additional capability, we can also call upon the expertise of our sister company ACE Forming in delivering precision forming, soldering, miniature spot welding and assembly.

“All of this ACE innovation is helping the world progress and improve the experience of consumers across the globe, whether they are travelling by plane, driving the latest car or enjoying the huge benefits of the new breed of telecommunications.”

R&D Laboratory at Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd, Operator conducting chemical analysis.