Aluminium Etching

Aluminium Compliant Molecular Etching (ACmE)

ACE has pioneered a new process, Aluminium Compliant molecular Etching (ACmE), for etching Aluminium. ACE are now the industry leaders for Aluminium etching. Aluminium and its alloys are increasingly popular materials, thanks to their high strength to weight ratios and natural corrosion resistance. However, the ductility of these materials makes them prone to pick-up and galling during the machining process and Aluminium is exceptionally difficult to etch using conventional technology. The Advanced Chemical Etching unique Aluminium Compliant Molecular Etching (ACmE) process overcomes this problem for the etching of Aluminium and has many more benefits:

Aluminium Etching - Etched Channels


Benefits of Aluminium Compliant Molecular Etching (ACmE)

Fast Process

4 times the speed of conventional Aluminium chemical etching

(Now as fast as etching Stainless Steels).

Efficient Process

10 times etchant metal load capacity

Less down-time spent recharging etchant.

High Aspect Ratios

1:1 aperture aspect ratio possible (0.2mm thick with 0.2mm lines and spaces.

New levels of quality achievable

Smooth edge profile and smooth surface etch profile.

New Tighter Tolerance Standards

±10% of material thickness… equal to tolerances achievable with other basic metals

(Industry standard is ±20% of metal thickness for Aluminium).

Flexible Process

Suitable for all grades and hardness of Aluminium alloy including ‘Clad’ both single and double sided. To include 1000, 3000, 4000 & 6000 etc.. series specs.

Compliant Process

Thickness’s currently being processed are from 0.025mm (0.001”) up to 1.6mm (0.064”).


Speed, quality and efficiency gives significant cost advantages over conventional Aluminium etching.

Aluminium Etching - Etched Slots

Please contact ACE today for additional information on our ACmE - Aluminium Compliant Molecular Etching capabilities.


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