Photo Etching / Chemical Etching

Photo Etching / Chemical Etching (also known as Chemical Milling, Metal Etching, Acid Etching, Chemi Etching, Chem Etch & Photo Chemical Machining (PCM) uses a combination of photographic digital tooling and chemical processes to image and etch the metal to shape.

Since our conception in 2000, ACE has been at the forefront of the precision Photo Etching / Chemical Etching industry by constantly challenging the normal etching process route, continuing to research and develop new etching chemistry (see our Aluminium Etching (ACmE) and Titanium Molecular Etching (TiME) processes, developed here at Advanced Chemical Etching in our R&D laboratory and evolve this unique process into a competitive engineering route for virtually every industry.

This unique process enables exceptionally accurate and fine detail on a full range of metals, some 1,830 different metal types and grades are etched by Advanced Chemical Etching. No other method can produce stress free, burr free parts with the added benefit of being extremely cost effective and with very short lead times.

Prototypes or samples are produced rapidly by our photo etching process, allowing the design to be assessed for fit and function. If a design change is required, the photo etching tooling can be altered at minimal cost allowing optimum product development. Our reputation of service and quality leaves our competitors standing.

In this fast moving competitive age Advanced Chemical Etching are leading the field by constantly evolving and where innovation is the norm.

Benefits of the Photo Etching / Chemical Etching Process:

  • Low cost digital tooling
  • Soft tooling
  • No hard tooling
  • Design changes at minimal cost
  • Short lead times
  • Burr free
  • Stress free
  • Exceptionally accurate tighter tolerances
  • Excellent for prototypes
  • Material properties remain unchanged temper of material is not altered
  • No metal stress or part deformation
  • Flexibility in design
  • No work hardening
  • Fine detail can be achieved
  • Complexity of design not an issue
  • Variety of different materials and thicknesses can be etched
  • Identification numbers and logos can be etched onto parts, no need for post laser marking
  • Ultimate net shape machining reducing the need for traditional finishing

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