Meshes and Filters

Metal meshes and filters are photo chemically etched from steel or other metals, in thousands of different shapes and sizes, and most can be manufactured using our photo etching process.

Metal meshes are often used to screen unwanted things such as insects; metal filters are used in filtration, such as in the food and beverage industries. Different patterns and arrays of holes can be produced at no extra cost and tighter tolerances can be achieved by the etching process. Advanced Chemical Etching has produced a component for the purpose of filtering toothpaste which had a staggering 248,000 holes etched into the filter. Metal grids, screens, meshes, filters and grilles to be used in industrial, decorative or architectural applications can all be manufactured by the chemical etching process.

Etched Meshes and Filters


Thickness range 0.01mm (0.0004") to 1.5mm (0.060")

Etched Mesh Pattern

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