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ACE Molecular Etching Creates a Spectacle

Published on 14/12/2012

ACE (Advanced Chemical Etching) has used its Molecular Etching capabilities to produce spectacle frames for “ic! Berlin” one of Europe’s most innovative eyewear manufacturers. The company’s spectacle frames are manufactured from sheet metal and are characterised by their screwless-spring-hinge-insert system, an ingenious engineering design that is truly functional and eliminates the use of hinge screws.

ACE was invited to chemically machine and form the special, corrosion resistant spring alloy but to exceptionally tight tolerances to accommodate the hinge system.

Turning to its molecular etching principles, ACE developed a safe controllable etching chemistry that could meet the precision requirements and produce burr-free, stress-free frames that need no further treatment before forming and assembly.

Fashions change rapidly in the eyewear industry but because the molecular etching process requires only digital tooling, new designs can be accommodated in minutes and tooling costs are minimised. In this way, short runs of exclusive styles can be produced economically and style changes take the minimum of time.


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