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ACE Nitinol Chemical Etching

Published on 17/08/2013

Advanced Chemical Etching Limited is one of very few companies in the world which supplies Nitinol chemically etched components. Our in-house etching capability allows us to produce extremely complex designs. The non HF etchant which has been developed to profile the Nitinol etched parts with precision tolerance and edge control, it also offers the other advantages of chemical etching such as no burrs, stress or selected heat affected areas.

Nitinol is a nickel-titanium alloy used in the medical industry because of its super elasticity also known as pseudoelasticity, as well as its shape memory and biocompatibility. Such properties make Nitinol a suitable material to manufacture implantable components and medical devices. Nitinol is currently used in applications such as cardiovascular stents, implantable devices and orthopaedic devices.

The super elastic properties of Nitinol allow it to deform and return to its original shape without any change in temperature. Nitinol also has shape memory, which means that the material can be deformed at one temperature and return to its original shape after being heated to its transformation temperature. Another advantage is Nitinol is biocompatible, being harmonious with life; not having toxic or injurious effects on biological function.


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