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ACE Saving TiME

Published on 21/11/2013

Advanced Chemical Etching (ACE) has recently made another breakthrough with their TiME - Titanium Molecular Etching chemistry. They have vastly increased the processing speeds and etch rate of Titanium. The new chemistry has a higher etching capacity and will lead to cost efficiencies and savings for our customers. This is still one of the only safe etchants for etching Titanium and is unique to ACE with no Hydrofluoric acid (HF) being used.

Benefits of the ACE TiME process:

  • New levels of quality achievable – Smooth edge profile and smooth surface etch profile. No surface Burr.
  • New tighter tolerance standards – +/- 10% of material thickness… equal to tolerances achievable with other basic metals.
  • High aspect ratios – 1:1 aperture aspect ratio possible (0.2mm thick with 0.2mm lines and spaces and 0.2mm diameter holes.
  • Flexible process – Suitable for all known grades and hardness of Titanium and a number of its alloys.
  • Compliant process – Thickness’s currently being processed are from 0.025mm (0.001″) up to 1.0mm (0.039″).
  • Safe process – Safer chemistry reduces personal and environmental risk.

ACE continues to lead the way in continually researching and developing new etching chemistries and pushing the boundaries of the etching process.

Please challenge ACE with your next requirement for Titanium etched parts; and let us show you the cost benefits.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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