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Advanced Chemical Etching – April Roundup

Published on 30/04/2020

This month Advanced Chemical Etching has made a number of changes to support and expand operations at our Telford facility, ensuring that production can continue throughout the ongoing global situation. Read our April roundup to learn more about the latest developments at ACE.

We’ll be outlining our recent progress in increasing production capacity and expanding our manufacturing facility, as well as detailing the steps ACE are taking to support customers during this period of uncertainty. We’ll also be highlighting our R&D team’s recent efforts to support safe working throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

ACE Expands Operations With Additional Unit

ACE telford

Advanced Chemical Etching have secured additional manufacturing and storage space at its Telford site. The new unit will allow ACE to expand production in line with previously outlined growth strategies, further increasing the speed and capacity of our innovative metal prototyping and components manufacturing operations.

The additional unit adds a further 500m² to our production facility and will also be used to store parts for a range of customers, enabling shorter delivery times.

In addition, ACE has taken this opportunity to invest in new signage that includes the company’s up-to-date branding.

“This investment in our Telford site will allow us to further increase the speed and volume of our chemical etching process, which will be key going forward as we look to expand into more sectors and markets.”

ACE supports a number of key manufacturers in a range of industries, producing high quality, custom-made components using a number of innovative etching processes. ACE also provides several post-process technologies including forming, finishing and plating. This recent expansion will allow Advanced Chemical Etching to further increase the volume of etched components that can be produced daily for our wide and varied customer base.

R&D Team Turns Skills Towards Boosting Staff Safety

ACE hand sanitiser

Advanced Chemical Etching’s Research and Development team have recently turned their chemistry skills towards the creation of hand sanitiser for use by ACE staff. This comes as stocks of hand sanitiser run low throughout the country after increased demand in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ACE R&D lab got to work creating the hand sanitiser to help keep staff at the Telford facility safe at work.

Advanced Chemical Etching has been designated as an essential manufacturer by the local council. The facility supplies components to a number of key industries, including the medical and communications sectors, and it is vital that supplies of parts are maintained.

This has meant that staff have had to adhere to strict procedures while working on-site, including social distancing and crucially, hand and workstation sanitisation.

The team followed a WHO-recommended formulation for the hand sanitiser, which is effective against a wide range of harmful microorganisms.

Although the sanitiser is straightforward and easy to make, procuring the ingredients has proved challenging in some parts of the country, especially at volume. Fortunately, ACE’s chemical suppliers were able to deliver the necessary ingredients at short notice.

The R&D lab will continue to support the team in staying safe at work by maintaining a supply of the vital sanitiser.

ACE Embraces Technology To Support Customers Remotely

Advanced Chemical Etching Telford

Advanced Chemical Etching has been using online video chat and teleconferencing software to ensure customers continue to be supported while adhering to social distancing measures.

Lockdown rules have caused meetings and factory tours that would normally take place in-person to move online. The management team at ACE have taken to platforms such as Webex and Skype to keep in touch with customers, meet with suppliers and follow up enquiries.

As manufacturing firms both within the UK and further afield look to continue or resume their operations, ACE has been working to support clients by ensuring that the supply of vital components is maintained.

“Keeping up a good level of communication has been really important. While it’s always been possible to pick up the phone or fire off an email, being able to meet online has meant we can work through the current situation and keep clients up to date as we normally would.”

“While we would love to offer tours of the facility as we do in normal times, we know this just isn’t possible at the moment. Mobile devices have made it possible to give clients a look at the process remotely, so we can give people an insight into the types of services we offer while keeping them and our staff safe.”

There has been a steady demand for sample packs as firms look to chemical etching for their components supply needs. While site visits and exhibitions have been put on hold, ACE’s sample packs allow customers to inspect the types of quality etched parts Advanced Chemical Etching produces for a range of industries worldwide.

No matter your requirements, our expert team will work with you to produce the high performance, lightweight and reliable parts you need. Contact ACE today on 01952 416666 or email for an initial consultation.


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