CuRe - Copper Removal from the surface of Aluminium

Dissolving Copper contamination from Aluminium surfaces

Further enhancement of our ACmE - Aluminium Compliant Molecular Etching process for etching Aluminium has brought to our attention the definitive need to remove all traces of Copper from the surface of the Aluminium.

Our Technical Team have discovered that one of the disadvantages of using conventional etching chemistries for etching Aluminium is the formation of contaminant deposits on the etched surface. Such deposits can lead to an unacceptable surface finish and may even affect the performance of the etched parts. Sometimes, the presence of traces of Copper metal on the surface of Aluminium is particularly undesirable.

Although our new ACmE process for etching Aluminium has been shown to produce a clean surface, the R&D team at ACE have recently developed a new cleaning process CuRE (Copper Removal) that ensures that the surface of Aluminium is 100% Copper-free. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analyses have shown that, while the surface of an Aluminium part etched using the ACmE process contains very little Copper, the level of Copper after cleaning the surface with our new cleaning process is 0.00%.

Copper Removal From The Surface Of Aluminium